Cabot office weekly roundup – 27 July 2012

This morning started with the ring of bells to communicate the start of the Olympic Games.  Communications have also been the focus of our work this week.  We now have the new website templates which I will populate over the Summer so we can re-launch the website in the new academic year.  We will have lots of new features including more video content, better layout and ease of use and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

This week we also met with representatives from across the faculties to help us with our new magazine which we hope to publish in the Autumn.  We have lots of good ideas and interesting material to put in.  We are working on content at the moment and will be pulling together case studies of work that has taken place within Cabot over the last year.

We also have a new webcam and microphone, courtesy of JISC, for doing more Skype calling and videoconferencing.  We are keen to embrace technology to cut down on national and international travel for meetings.  It is also useful to use online applications for phone calls so that we can share slides, documents and other information with our colleagues, which better enhances the way we work.

It was also interesting to meet Dan Schnurr of Blom this week, who has a mutual interest in mapping and remote sensing. 

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