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Angus Morrice

In conversation with Angus Morrice, Administrator and PA to the Director at the Cabot Institute

What is your role at Cabot Institute?

I am the Administrator and PA to the Director of the Cabot Institute for the Environment. I work primarily with the core Cabot Team and our academics who are in leadership positions to keep the Institute running. I also work with members of the academic and non-academic community at the University to organize events, arrange and provide support and I operate as a first port of call for incoming enquiries into the institute.

How long have you been part of Cabot?

I joined Cabot near the beginning of 2019, so I’ve been here for over two years now.

What is your background?

I studied Geography at the University of Bristol. This of course meant that the works of the Institute and many of its members were familiar and the job seemed to be a good fit for my interests and skills. I have almost a decade’s experience working in the arts in various capacities and the skills developed as well as the love and respect I have for the arts have been invaluable. The grounding gained through my degree and work in the arts has allowed me to wholly engage with the spirit of deep interdisciplinarity and cooperation that runs through the core of the Institute.

Why did you want to join the team?

Even from a young age the urgency of what is now called the climate emergency was glaringly apparent to me, it was one of the things that made me want to study Geography at University and made me determined to work in the environmental sector after graduating.

Unfortunately, the state of jobs for graduates in the UK being what it was when I graduated in 2018 (a state that has only continued to decline) I was unable to find any jobs in the environmental sector upon graduating. I continued looking and the job at the Cabot Institute came up and it was a perfect fit for my skills interests and values.

What do you think is the biggest environmental challenge facing us today?

The entrenched, deliberate, and perpetuated inequality of wealth, power, and resources.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I most enjoy working with people to deliver public events.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 10 years of Cabot?

I look forward to the Institute growing and diversifying, coming to a richer place of interdisciplinarity and cooperation and acting as an exemplar of what can be achieved through open, creative, and inclusive interdisciplinary collaboration when approached with humility, curiosity, and passion.

Anything else about who Cabot is and what you do that you would like to add?

Cabot is its membership, and its membership is diverse and passionate.

Cabot as a community might best be thought of as a rich woodland, growing, changing, living, interconnected, and mutually supporting. The whole is hard to see sometimes, and it might be impossible to truly quantify all its parts, actions, outputs, and effects but that makes it neither less valuable nor less of a superb model for the work that is so urgently needed.

Find out more about Angus here.

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